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How to Design Your Own Cosmetic Label!

Updated: Sep 6

Design Your Own Cosmetic Label!

Great, now that you have your logo design, it’s time to design your own logo! At T2 Packaging, many of our partners design and create their own unique labelling. There are many resources that can help you along the journey.

We recommend an open platform such as Adobe Spark Post. You will be able to create your label with ease. Be inspired by an array of templates or create your own custom label by using their user-friendly interface.

If you are not a designer or do not have a label design in mind – Do not worry! There are many resources such as Fiverr with many talented professional designers specialized in label design. This is a cost effective and time saving way to create your label and enables you to focus on building your BRAND!

Once your label is ready to be placed on your packaging, please make sure to have an Adobe Illustrator version file in a 1:1 ratio size!

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