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What Is PCR (Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic) Packaging?

Updated: Sep 6

Learn more on the growing trend of Post-Consumer Recycled Plastic Packaging.

PCR, or Post-Consumer Recycled resin, is a material made from recycled plastic obtained by the recycling of disposed plastic products collected from consumers. The recycled plastics include water bottles, films, and foams.

The use of post-consumer recycled packaging reduces the environmental impact. By reusing recycled products, manufacturers can turn used plastics into viable packaging solutions that is also cost effective.

Today, T2 Packaging is seeing strong demand for PCR packaging by both consumers and brands. Consumer and companies are increasingly mindful of their carbon footprint. We expect the trend of eco-friendly packaging to continue to grow as a responsible packaging solution.

At T2 Packaging, we have a wide selection of PCR products and continuing to innovate new eco-friendly packaging solutions.

There is only on Earth that we must protect. We take pride in sustainable packaging and we believe we that we will become the leader in eco-friendly packaging solutions.

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